Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Have you read, watched television, movies or heard about people talking about (FMA) do you want to learn more about Filipino martial arts and didn’t know where to go to find a school or teacher?

Join the Bahad Zubu Eskrima and Kali Group of Aurora, Colorado- a stick and blade Filipino fighting art! The group welcomes all arnis, eskrima and kali practitioners. The system was founded by the paladin of Filipino martial arts, Dakilang Guro Epifanio “Yuli’Romo.

Bahad Zubu offers a complete curriculum that provides a well –rounded foundation of the Filipino Martial Arts. Learn the bladed art! A student will learn parry, checking methods, striking, situational destruction, disarms using empty hands, single and double sticks, sword and knife usage. The drills are covered in the basic serrada, abierta, retirada and redonda drills.

The essence of the art is baiting, monitoring and preparation. The two man drills are always interactive. The training can be counter weapon tactics and counter weaponless tactics. The saying goes, “Once you master the basics you can control the fight”. Bahad Zubu is intuitive and natural. We don’t use many different techniques or spend hours performing calisthenics.

Bahad Zubu uses the fighting strategies of GM Antonio (Tatang) Illustrismo (Kalis Illustrisimo), Soferino Borinaga (Repikada-Pigada), Jose Go Milan (Balintawak -Gokosha) and the Romo family.

Guro Johnnie Montecalvo has taught professionally since 1997 the law enforcement community covering awareness and the defensive usage of edged weapons. In 2008 he began traveling to the Philippines to train with the legendary GM Yuli Romo. In 2010 and 2011, Guro Johnnie received his instructor certificate as well as his senior level certificate. Guro Johnnie also has other certificates in the Filipino Martial Arts.

Please contact Guro Johnnie Montecalvo 303 547-8665. Private training is available. or Call to schedule a free week of classes.